A Brief History

Inner Wheel is a women's organisation that was founded in Manchester, England in 1924 by Margarette Golding, wife of a Rotarian, a nurse and a business woman. Clubs started to spring up in other parts of the country and in 1934 the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland was formed. From 1931 Clubs also started to be formed in other parts of the world and in 1967 International Inner Wheel was formally constituted. 

For more detailed information see the International Inner Wheel Web site.

Margarette Golding


Inner Wheel has three objective:

Members achieve these aims through Club events, which combine personal service, fund-raising, fellowship and fun, united by friendship and a common aim to serve the local community and those in need in the wider world.
Inner Wheel is a caring organisation, not only to its members, but also to others outside its circle. Friendship is the core of all that is done and achieved by members of Inner Wheel. Wherever there is an Inner Wheel Club, no matter in which country, you are made very welcome. Friendship and fun abounds as members work together to help others less fortunate than themselves, not only in this country, but overseas. Members give practical support as well as financial help whenever there is a crisis, whether this occurs locally, nationally or internationally, for natural disasters or for people suffering in war-torn regions.


Interested in joining us?

Why not visit one of the Clubs listed on the 'Our Clubs' page, or send us a message through the 'Contact Us' page.

Inner Wheel is a female only organisation and does not admit men as members. In many countries where it is a male-dominated society, Inner Wheel and similar women's organisations are the only way a woman can make her voice heard.

For many years membership of Inner Wheel was restricted to those with a family connection to Rotary but at the International Convention in Istanbul in 2012 it was agreed that membership should be opened to a wider range of women.

Membership may now be taken up by the following, provided that they are over 18 years old.

Most new members will join an established Club in their locality, but if there is not a Club within reasonable distance, or a potential member is unable to attend regular meetings, there are alternative forms of membership.
  • Membership at Large enables those who cannot attend a normal Club to enjoy all the benefits of Inner Wheel apart from voting or holding office.
  • i-Wheel is a flexible form of membership, based mainly on connection via the internet, which is designed to attract younger members who share the Objectives of Inner Wheel but who may not wish to join an established older club.

Benefits of Membership

There are lots of reasons why women from across the globe choose to become part of International Inner Wheel. When you join the organisation, you'll become part of a network of friendship embracing 103 countries. You'll develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and will become part of a community based on friendship, support and love. When new members join us, they never look back!