District Holiday Break Scheme

For over 40 years District 11 has provided a week long holiday for women who are need of one. These women are often carers but can also be anyone who needs a break. The holiday is 7 days full board in a hotel, usually in Bournemouth, with activities arranged for daytime and evening, all at no expense to the participants. Two or more Inner Wheel members are resident in the hotel for the week and during the day the ladies are usually hosted by one or more Clubs in the District with outings to interesting places and lunch or tea is usually included. In the evening sometimes Clubs will provide quizzes or games, or local entertainers will be brought in. The final evening is always a special Gala dinner where everyone dresses in their glad rags to round off a memorable week. At the beginning of the week 10 to 15 rather apprehensive ladies gather at the hotel but they soon start talking and enjoying the change of scenery. By the end of the week they are firm friends and very much more relaxed than when they arrived.

If you know of any ladies living within our District who might benefit from such a holiday please use the Contact Us page to give us contact details

The Holiday Break 2020

We had made all the arrangements for the Holiday Break at the Elstead Hotel in Bournemouth before the pandemic struck. We were in the first Lockdown, when the holiday break would have taken place and after changes agreed by the hotel, we moved the date to October. The second lockdown prevented us from holding it and May 2021 was agreed as the new alternative. With many of the guests being of a vulnerable age, vaccination times varying over our district it has now been moved to May 2022. We thank the hotel for being so considerate and carrying over the deposit paid until we can have the holiday.

This year would have been Honeypot’s turn to be supported to help young carers, but clubs have been unable to hold evets to raise funds. Honeypot did have a fund matching project before Christmas and all donations were increased. They were able to achieve the amazing total of £111,000.00 in a week. Thank you to Inner Wheel Clubs and individual members who supported this worthwhile cause.

The District hope to be able to contribute some of the funds from the Holiday Break scheme to support Honeypot this year. The young carers are in need of support, as it has been a very difficult for these children.

Holiday Break, Elstead Hotel, Bournemouth, 11 – 18 May 2019

TheElstead Hotel Holiday Break for 2019 will held at the Elstead Hotel , Bournemouth 11th - 18th May. Please contact Senior Vice Chairman Jane Ingram for further details.

To see the programme for the week click here.

Holiday Report

Holiday break 2019

Comments from our guests:

…thank all the "Wonderful Inner Wheel ladies"

and "Reg".
"I cannot thank you enough..." "It has been a once in a lifetime experience..." "A great big thank you to all the lovely ladies who have made this holiday possible..." "I will go home with happy memories..." "I am so grateful to those who have hosted us at times this week..." "We have been given an enjoyable and interesting week..." "Bless you all, and thank you."

I have known of the holiday break scheme for many years and heard how life changing it can be for some women. I have now seen it for myself having been part of the Holiday Break committee. Although we may question if we should continue with it, I would undoubtedly say yes we should. We only need to look at the guests’ comments above.
The Elstead Hotel gave our guests a very warm welcome on Saturday, May 11th 2019. Our five guests, unfortunately the sixth guest was unable to join us due to illness, were overwhelmed by the generosity of Inner Wheel ladies providing a week away as well as entertainment. Our guests were soon settling into their own rooms where they found a beautiful gift box, handmade by Susan, containing smellies, sweets, biscuits, postcards with stamps and the programme, as a welcome gift from the holiday committee. Graham and his staff worked tirelessly to make sure we made the most of our stay. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi was frequented by some of the guests, which was a fantastic addition to the facilities available. The menus were extensive with every dietary need or preference accommodated without fuss.
We were blessed with glorious weather all week with a full programme of fun and interesting visits planned. The ladies were treated to many outings, lunches, teas and evening entertainment all hosted by various Clubs. They visited Compton Acres, Fordingbridge, Wimborne, Mottisfont, Wareham and the Blue pool. All visits included delicious lunches and teas. Additionally, they went to Parkstone & Poole’s Garden Party, Bournemouth Gardens and admired the views from the top of Candford Cliffs as well as having free time to themselves.
The evenings provided additional opportunities to chat with visiting Club members and amongst themselves and with those of us who stayed too.
There were a couple of times we had to re-arrange plans when a guest was not well or making a trip to A&E but we managed to deal with these situations in a true Inner Wheel manner, everything turning out well in the end.
Saturday morning came and all the guests were collected by their sponsored Clubs.
They all returned home renewed and refreshed, thanks to your support. It is now etched on their minds that Inner Wheel ladies extend a hand of friendship through offering personal service. At the beginning of the week, they said they hadn't heard of Inner Wheel before...They have now!
They were a lovely group of women of different ages, from very different backgrounds, experiences and difficulties but gelled together and thoroughly enjoyed the week. It’s amazing to think that in just one week, a group of total strangers became firm friends. They were not only making plans to meet up with each other but also with some of the Inner Wheel members they met too.

Thank you to everyone who played their part, however large or small, to make this week truly memorable for those five ladies.

Senior Vice Chairman Jane Ingram

Holiday Break, Ullswater Hotel, Bournemouth, 13 – 20 May 2017

Thullswater hotele holiday break for 2017 will be from 13th to 20th May. We are holding it at The Ullswater Hotel in Bournemouth.

To see the programme for the week click here

To see a diary of what went on during the week click here. Holday Break 2017
Holiday guests with two Hotel staff members

Holiday Break, Ullswater Hotel, Bournemouth, 14th-16th May 2016

To see the Programme for 2016's Holiday Break click here.

To see a heart warming report from one of our 2016 Holiday Guests, click here

2016 Report from District Chairman Alisson

I was so pleased to be able to join members and guests for part of the Holiday Break week this year and this is just my diary of the events I attended. Unfortunately, SVC Linda was taken unwell on Monday which was such a shame after all the hard work she had put into organising the week with her committee. However, the five guests still had a great time. On the Saturday we arranged plants and items of welcome in each of the guest’s rooms and soon the guests began to arrive. First was Joan from Guernsey who Susan Parsons (Hythe) had picked up early in the morning from Southampton Airport and then Ann Edwards (Ferndown) brought along Pam and Jean and then Portsmouth & Southsea’s President and Secretary arrived with Jane and last, but by no means least, Mary Smith, Parkstone & Poole’s President arrived with Cheryl. We were soon mixed up and chatting together over tea and after our guests went to freshen up they returned to the lounge for a welcome drink and then we had dinner. After our meal we were entertained by members from Parkstone & Poole and everybody was soon involved with the quiz and ‘guessing the items in a bag’. An excellent start to the week.

I re-joined the group on Tuesday when 8 of us headed off to Wareham. Our first port of call was Liz Rudd’s home for coffee and then we made our way down to the quay for a lovely trip on a small river boat on the River Frome. The weather was kind and we had a very jolly captain with a dry sense humour who kept us entertained with stories of the river and Wareham! The view of the town from the river was very pretty, with the church in the centre. Nearly everybody enjoyed the trip although one of our party on their return felt a little queasy. Wareham Club President, Venn, gave us a few anecdotes on the way to and from the quay. Our little trip was finished off by a visit to a local church with beautiful stained glass. On our return from the town we again went to Liz’s home where her club members were there to greet us and we had a lovely buffet lunch which included, salmon, prawns, new potatoes and “the best quiche”, that Cheryl had ever had. We had coffee and cake to finish off a lovely outing. Once we were back at the Ullswater, the energetic duo, Cheryl and Jane decided that they wanted to walk to Sand Banks and so they set off together. The rest of our group put their feet up! 

My last visit to the Ullswater Hotel was on Friday evening for the ‘final’ dinner, preceded by the Holiday Break committee meeting. All the committee members had thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a successful event and felt it should definitely be continued. I am happy to report that although Linda had to return to the Isle of Wight without being able to join the group, she is now feeling much better. On the last evening meal, the ladies who had arrived a week before, fairly quiet and unsure of what lay ahead were so complimentary about the week and very pleased indeed that they had come away. Ann Edwards, who had taken over from Linda, was given some gifts which included a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin!! One of our lovely guests had however, written a poem on behalf of them all:-

To the Inner Wheel Ladies – District 11

We all arrived from different parts,

All feeling down, with heavy hearts.

You ladies from the Inner Wheel

knew straightaway how we’d feel.

You made us laugh with silly games,

and on our chests we wore our names.

We tried to make some cards as well, don’t think they’d be good enough to sell.

We went upon a river trip in a boat so small,

we thought we’d tip.

We’ve walked and talked and laughed and cried

released those feelings locked inside.

Museums, car rides – some longer than planned

all contingencies were well in hand.

We’ve wined and dined and drunk enough tea

to send the Queen Mary out to sea.

We’ve made new friends – we will keep in touch

So, to you ladies we say ‘Thanks so much’  

Joan Rouget, Guernsey  

SVC Linda would like to thank everybody who was involved with the Holiday Break for their contribution, however, large or small.

Young Carers' Holiday 2015

Every third year the scheme provides a holiday for children who are carers rather than adults. This year a group of young carers are being given a holiday at Honeypot House in the New Forest and Alisson Smith, our current Senior Vice Chairman has written the following

"The Honeypot Children's Charity vision is for every child to make the most of their one chance at childhood"
Since 1996 Honeypot has been working to enhance the lives of vulnerable children and young carers aged 5-12 years by providing respite breaks and on-going outreach support. We give young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provide a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential.
District 11 Inner Wheel been involved with Honeypot House for some time and this year we hope to send at least 12 children on a week's respite. Members have volunteered and in November we were able to help Honeypot by wrapping hundreds of presents for distribution to the young carers.

Honeypot House For more information about the charity please go to their Web site.

To see a letter of thanks received fromthe Honeypot House Charity please click here.

Putting up Bunting made by Lymington Inner Wheel

 HP Bunting 1  HP Bunting 3  

HP Bunting 2

Adult Carers Holiday 2013

Below are some of the activities from the 2013 holiday: