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District International Charity 2018/2019

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Toilet Twinning

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The International Charity for District 11 this year is Toilet Twinning.
2.3 billion people in some of the world's poorest countries don't have somewhere safe and private to go to the toilet, something most of us take for granted.
It is hoped that Inner Wheel Clubs across the District will support this charity. By donating £60 to twin a toilet, in a country of your choosing, you can help those in desperate poverty to have access to a proper latrine, clean water and the information they need to keep healthy. By donating directly to the charity Clubs will receive a certificate with a photo of "your" toilet and GPS co-ordinates so you can look up the location on Google Maps.
We will have a speaker from Toilet Twinning giving a presentation at the International Rally following the District meeting and lunch on 14th November 2018 at the Hamworthy Club, Canford Magna when we will be joined by the Association International Chairman, Shamin Goviani.

Lyn Gutteridge
District 11 International Chairman

District International Charity 2017/2018

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Butterfly Tree, Zambia

International Service Charity  for 2016/2017


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 Sreepur leaflet

Sreepur Newsletter

Information Leaflet Newsletter

International service Charities for 2015/2016

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Jaipur Limb Project

School in a Bag

  District 11 charity for 2015/16 Association International Service charity for 2015/16

School in a bag update

The following was recently received by members of Cosham Club who packed schoolbags at the Association Conference in Glasgow earlier this year.

It gives us great pleasure to let you know that the SchoolBag(s) you have  funded have recently been distributed to children in Romania by our partners Te Aud Romania. Te  Aud Romania (I HEAR YOU ROMANIA) is an NGO (Charity) established in 2014  to help orphans and disadvantaged children in Romania through improved  education, life guidance, sport and social inclusion. We  aim to provide increased opportunities for the children to succeed socially,  spiritually and financially - helping them develop and appreciate everything  life has to offer - giving them a chance at enjoying what most of us take for  granted. At Te  Aud Romania, our vision for the future includes  enhanced education, social inclusion and the chance at prosperity for every  Orphan and disadvantaged child in Romania. We  believe our efforts today will help shape the lives of these children and  society for the future. With  an extra focus on education, we campaign to give children a brighter future,  support Romania’s talents and promote personal development. Our vision is to  give every child in Romania the opportunity to become the very best version of  themselves.
The Phase I consignment consisted of 528 SchoolBags and 540 hand knitted teddies and were distributed to children in five schools.  Please see below the information and feedback from Gabriela from Te Aud Romania.

The event on the 15th of September was a real success. there was a news article in the county newspaper and the event has been featured on TV (click here to watch it on You Tube). The schools we distributed to were quite spread out and the TV crew only followed us to the first 2 schools. However, we had the photographer with us to all schools. 

Our starting point was the town of Gura Humorului, where we are based and made our way to the following schools, distributing to the number of children mentioned below.

  1. Stulpicani – 269 SchoolBags
  2. Negrileasa – 113 SchoolBags
  3. Vadu Negrilesei – 35 SchoolBags
  4. Slatioara – 54 SchoolBags
  5. Gemenea – 56 SchoolBags

TOTAL no. of SchoolBags distributed = 527

Romania schoolbag map

We have received an amazing feedback from the head of the school. All the schools mentioned are run under the same management and share the same school director. He came along with us to all schools and assisted with the entire distribution process – making life easier for us in terms of organising the handing out of the schoolbags to the kids. 
At the same time, the feedback was great  from the kids too. They absolutely loved the SchoolBags –I even talked the kids  at the first school through how important school is, how much school matters in  life and how important it is to learn a foreign language – using myself as an  example. If I hadn’t spoken English, I would not have been able to partner with  SIAB and help deliver the SchoolBags to them. I challenged them to learn 5 new  English words by the time we will visit them next.

Thank you  so much for your wonderful contribution towards this consignment of SchoolBags.  We have just received the photographs and these will be uploaded to our  database in the next few weeks - it is a lengthy process! Te Aud Romania has  already identified the next 510 school children in need of a SchoolBag and we  will work on getting these dispatched from our HQ here in Somerset within 10  days.

Warm regards,
Luke Simon
Founder and CEO of School in a Bag

Leprosy News

To see an article on the amazing amount of money that has been raised for The Leprosy Mission from stamps and postcards click here.

International Service Report 2015

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  • To see a list of Charities supported by District 11 with goods and services click here.
  • To see the full District 11 International service report for 2015 click here.

News from the last Triennial Project

Subj:Hope and Homes for Children and Moldova

Date:23/07/2015 16:06:50 GMT Daylight Time

From:Ann Ancaster

Good afternoon ladies, I have some really exciting news to share with you. You may remember that in March I travelled to Moldova, to see for myself the work of Hope and Homes for Children -our chosen charity for the IIW 3 year social project Happier Futures. At Conference in Bournemouth, I spoke about one of the dreadful institutions I visited in the north of the Moldova please read the link

The institution in Grinauti has been closed! Thanks to the work of HHC and their partners in Moldova CCF (Children, Communities, Families) the poor youngsters incarcerated in that appalling have been re-united with their families and extended families. If you remember I told you that in Moldova an 'orphan' is a misnomer, more than 98% of those classed as orphans actually have families and extended families - isn't it amazing news? I have to admit to some tears when I heard the news last night. We chose a magnificent charity to support - thank you to PAP Shelia Halliday-Peg and Wendy Osgood for steering us in the right direction.

It goes to show that dreams can become reality.



Knitted Balls

For those of you who would like to knit balls for Help and Aid Direct, click here for a simple pattern using two needles.